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We provides a higher level of cover with useful extras


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No Waiting Periods
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Standalone Coverage
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Dental Insurance 

Everything that your smile needs from preventive to major dental care, we have a plan and the nation’s largest networks of credentialed dentists and specialists. Investing in dental has never been easier and more affordable.

Option to purchase as a standalone plan or as a rider to your dental plan
Vision Insurance as a Standalone Plan
  • Coverage choices – glasses or contacts? or both glasses and contacts?
  • A national network of providers 
  • The freedom to use a non-network provider
  • No waiting periods
  • Coverage for people of all ages and at any stage of life
Vision Insurance as a Rider to Your Dental Plan

Vision benefits include routine eye exams, prescription glasses or contact lenses, and discounts on other vision-related services (including laser surgery).

What Dental Insurance is 

What Dental Insurance is not

Dental Insurance does not fulfill all the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Unlike an ACA plan, no expenses are covered for medical claims as a result of any preexisting medical conditions. Dental insurance might come with a deductible but does not have an out of pocket maximum. 

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