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Fixed Benefit Indemnity Insurance

Help for Out-of-Pocket Medical Costs

A health condition often comes without warning and that means medical bills and upfront out of pocket medical costs to meet before a deductible is satisfied.

What if there was a product to help offset those up-front medical costs?

That’s the concept behind fixed-benefit indemnity insurance.

Indemnity insurance, also known as fee-for-service insurance, pays a fixed amount of money when you receive specific covered medical services, providing seamless coverage to the insured for out-of-pocket expenses. Bridging the gap between your major medical and it’s deductible!

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Hospital and Doctor Fixed Benefit Plans pay fees for services such as

Physician Visits


Health Insurance Options

Out-Patient Diagnostic and Radiology Testing

Supplemental Health Insurance

Surgery and Hospitalization Confinement

What FIXED indemnity Insurance is

Fixed Indemnity Insurance pays a set amount of money when you receive specific covered medical services per covered service up to a calendar-year maximum, no matter how sick you get. Fixed-Benefits as supplemental coverage is designed to protect the insured from out-of-pocket exposure and the freedom to select any health service provider.

What FIXED Indemnity Insurance is not

Indemnity Plans do not fulfill all the requirements of health insurance! Unlike an ACA plan, no expenses are covered for medical claims as a result of any preexisting medical conditions. Indemnity insurance might come with a deductible but does not have an out of pocket maximum. Indemnity plans are very limited and benefits are set at a fixed dollar amount.  Therefore these plans can never be a true major medical.

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