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Private Health Insurance

Are you a Middle-class American that doesn’t qualify for “premium tax credits” or “cost-sharing” on their health insurance?

Moderately healthy people that do not qualify for “premium tax credits” or “cost-sharing” are leaving marketplace plans for private coverage because of premium cost savings, larger networks, richer benefits, consolidated family coverage, and less hassle compared to the marketplace coverage.

Outside of Open Enrollment without a “Qualifying Life-Event?”

Private Health Insurance is bridging the Gaps in the United States Healthcare System by providing access to affordable health insurance options to those looking for coverage outside of Open Enrollment.

Looking for Health Insurance outside of the MarketPlace?

Nation-Wide PPO, Lower Deductibles, Richer benefits, are just some of the advantages of Private Health Insurance.

Are you a Family looking to be insured under one Plan?

Many private health insurance carriers offer Family Health Insurance and Child-Only Plans.

Finally Health Insurance without jumping through hoops!

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Public Health Insurance 

Have you been advised by a doctor to seek medical treatment or surgery for an ongoing medical condition?

The Marketplace provides Americans with pre-existing conditions access to health insurance with premiums based on their income bracket and not their health. Health insurance sold through the MarketPlace cannot deny an individual access to health insurance because of pre-existing conditions.

Recently denied Medicaid and looking for maternity coverage?

All ACA policies are mandated to provide EHB’s (Essential Health Benefits)

Maternity and newborn care are just one of the required EHB’s manded by the ACA that MarketPlace health insurance plans must provide.

Interested in seeing if you qualify for discounted health insurance premiums?

Public Health Insurance premiums are based on an individual’s income bracket and not their medical history, lifestyle, or demographics.

Health Insurance through the MarketPlace is available during the annual Open Enrollment period or during a Special Enrollment Period.

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