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Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term health insurance or Temporary health insurance, on your own terms!

Rather you are outside of open enrollment or moderately healthy-looking for coverage outside of the MarketPlace, short term health insurance could be a solution to managing your health!

Short Term Coverage can vary greatly from company to company. Let us help you choose a plan based on your needs.

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Health Insurance on your Terms!

Short Term Medical insurance coverage starting in many cases as soon as the next day after you apply, you can get the security of that coverage fast, right when you need it.

    • Apply any time of the year in minutes
    • Select the length of time you want coverage term coverage, ranging from 1 month to 3 Years.
    • Cancel anytime no penalty
    • Choose from a range of available deductible amounts

Short Term Insurance is Affordable, Convenient, and Fast!

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Fast Quote and Application

Apply today for coverage tomorrow in many cases

Available Year-Round

Apply today for coverage tomorrow in many cases

Budget-Friendly Plans

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Up to 60% Cheaper than MarketPlace Coverage

Who Should Consider Short Term

  • Rolling off their parent’s insurance
  • Under 65 and in good health
  • In-between jobs
  • Waiting for benefits to begin at a new job
  • Without health insurance, have missed Open Enrollment and do not have a qualifying event for Special Enrollment
  • Waiting for Medicare
  • Waiting for your Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage to begin
  • Needing a temporary alternative to COBRA insurance
  • Losing coverage following a divorce
  • A college student or just out of school

Looking for Coverage Outside the MarketPlace?

Compare benefits, deductibles, and monthly premium against other health insurance plans in your area.

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What Short-Term Insurance is

Short Term Major Medical purchased in terms or set period of time. Short-Term is considered temporary insurance.  Designed to protect the insured from out-of-pocket exposure until their next open enrollment.

What Short-Term Insurance is not

Short-Term Insurance does not fulfill all the requirements of health insurance! Unlike an ACA plan, no expenses are covered for medical claims as a result of any preexisting medical conditions. Short-Term Insurance does not have to provide essential health benefits.  Therefore these plans can never be a true major medical.

Not sure what you need? Learn what type of insurance matches your individual needs.

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