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Outside of Open Enrollment? 

Don’t go without health insurance! There are many options outside of the MarketPlace.

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Dealing with a high deductible?

what is your financial responsibility if or when a medical event were to arise?

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Health insurance outside the MarketPlace?

Moderately healthy individuals & Family’s may now buy reasonably priced healthcare outside of the MarketPlace.

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Un-Insured & Looking?

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Find affordable health insurance plans based on your needs. Receive extra discounts when you bundle your healthcare coverage. Speak with a licensed agent today!

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Shop & Compare benefits, deductibles, and monthly premium against other health insurance plans in your area.

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Looking to compare your current health insurance premium, benefits, and deductibles against other health insurance plans in your area? Don’t do it alone! Speak with a licensed agent!

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Health Insurance Made Easy

Health Insurance Analysis

Our health insurance analysis will show you how to get more for your money, find better coverage, and maximize your lifetime benefits

Request to View Your OPTIONS

Shopping for Health insurance can be stressful and complicated.

The Health Insurance Gal’s job is to provide the best advice and information possible so that our clients are informed and educated on their options- even for small situations such as when someone needs coverage temporarily due to Job Loss.

Our Free Shop & Compare Services include no obligation consultations.

During our no obligation consultation together we will compare all the options available in your area and let you know what is best for your situation. The Health Insurance Gal works with the top carriers to bring you the best products and pricing on health insurance.

You’ll also get personalized advice from someone who knows the ins and outs of the health insurance Marketplace.

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Our Product Portfolio Includes

There are many Health plans in your area that you might not be aware of, and the benefits they offer could save you money!

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Let us help you get started today with a complimentary Health Insurance Analysis!

Our agency services include a complementary health insurance analysis where Information is collected, a follow-up consultation is scheduled and then a Licensed agent will gather then compare all healthcare options that you qualify for on both public & private marketplaces.

Our concierge service is free, easy, and most importantly – fast. We’ll help you find a great health insurance plan or Medicare plan that fits you and your family’s needs at a price you can afford.

Don’t make a decision about your health insurance without speaking to an agent first.

Get expert advice on the right health insurance plan for you, a Licensed Health Insurance Agent will explain everything about these plans so that you can choose the plan that’s right for your family.

The best way for an individual to choose the plan is by talking it over in detail so they can understand policy exclusions and limitations.
The Health Insurance Gal Provides Free no-obligation consultations as part of Our Free Shop & Compare Services

Choose a policy as an informed insurance consumer is easy when you subscribe to our Free Agency Services!

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Explore Your Options 

Shop & Compare Health Insurance 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year online.

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Shop for health insurance at any time of the day or night, and compare quotes online!

You can choose from a variety of plans at each stage of life, and even change plans at any time

Our site also strives to make finding affordable health care easier by providing free quotes.
You can Compare quotes or look for specific coverage using our simple search tool.

We made Policy Comparison Shopping Quick & Easy.
Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to purchase the health insurance plan that best fits your needs while at the same time making the process hassle-free.

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Affordable Health Insurance
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Learn More about the Market Place gaps and how middle-class families are coping with their healthcare coverage.

Self-Employed & Middle-Class families are feeling the repercussion of a failing healthcare system.

The Marketplace’s guidelines and income ratios are leaving families uninsured and financially exposed. Private health insurance provides an alternative avenue to individuals and families who are looking for affordable premiums outside the MarketPlace.

Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans are available. See how you can save money on your healthcare. Businesses can save too!

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